Why Do I Need a License?

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Why do cosmetologists, barbers, estheticians, and manicurists need to be licensed to do their jobs? Beyond the obvious reason-the law-there are many reasons behind the implementation of these laws. With a few states considering doing away with this requirement, being aware of the logic behind … Read More

Exposed to the Elements

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“Take care of your skin now, your future self will thank you.” Ah, skincare… The challenge, the myth, the legend… The penultimate concern of my teenage life. When I was fourteen years old I went on a whirlwind weekend to Arkansas with my parents. My … Read More

Cosmetology School Austin Tx Honors Veterans

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The Academy of Hair Design, Cosmetology school Austin Tx and BeVelle Barber School, are so grateful for active military persons and veterans who have served for our freedom and protection. The incredible freedom we have to choose educational opportunities including Cosmetology School and Barber School … Read More