Founders Video

Our Purpose

Students are the heart of any great school. With this fundamental truth in mind, the Academy of Hair Design promotes a student-focused approach at every level. Our expert educators, our professional support staff, and our experienced leadership is committed to the kind of quality education that leads to successful employment. We do this while developing independent learners that are empowered to set challenging goals, encouraged to develop personal brands, and equipped with the mindset to thrive in the beauty business.

The Academy’s high standards of excellence are reflected in our contemporary curriculum. From tried and true techniques to modern methods, each of our four programs are created with you in mind. You bring the passion and we provide the updated facility, industry-standard tools, and the hands-on experience needed to grow your craft into a rewarding career. Whether you are interested in hair design or overall beauty techniques, we want to be a part of YOUR JOURNEY.

Our History

The Academy of Hair Design was born out of a desire to produce industry professionals with the diverse skillset needed to create a top-notch salon experience for the citizens of Springfield, Missouri. In 1996, entrepreneurs Jerry BeVelle, David Gonzales, and Christie Gonzales were running a successful chain of nine salons. As the business grew it became a challenge to find talented barbers and cosmetologists. The trio knew they needed employees who could design hair while providing an enjoyable customer experience. Refusing to compromise on quality, they opened a school that would marry technical skill with business acumen. The outcome was an unflinching commitment to excellence that lives on in each of our schools today. Whether you study at the original Springfield school or one of our Austin, Texas locations, you can trust that Academy of Hair Design is a name that means quality education.

The not-so-secret to the Academy’s success is this: It is not enough to know the technical trade if you cannot attract and maintain customers. That is why, from the very beginning, our focus has been on teaching our students how to be successful in the beauty industry, and not just on how to pass the state tests. While attending the Academy, you will develop the fundamental skills and the ability to market your brand and build your business.