We know you have many choices when it comes to your education. That is why it is so important to do your research and find the school that fits you best. Since you might be new to this, here are a few factors to consider
  • You are paying for an education

    You are not paying for a glorified state board test-prep or a 20+ hour a week hangout spot. Yes, we know we are fun. And, Yes, you will be prepared to test with State Board. But your first priority needs to be picking a school that focuses on the learning process.

    • Does the school hire industry professionals with real-world experience?
    • Is the facility set up to offer multiple services with industry-standard tools?
    • Do you get hands-on practice with a diverse clientele?
    • How many students make it to graduation and what are their first-time pass rates when they take their licensing exam?

  • Flexibility is important

    Between balancing family, friends, and work, we know that having options matters. Pick a school that puts you in the driver’s seat.

    • Can you start school at a convenient time?
    • Can you pick from multiple schedule options?
    • Can you customize your curriculum and specialize in the services you are most interested in?
    • Are you able to practice a range of services that help you find your niche?

  • A friendly atmosphere makes a huge difference

    Depending on your program, you can spend between four to eighteen months in school. That is too long to be stuck in a negative environment. Pick a school that is welcoming.

    • Does the education staff make you feel at home?
    • Do the students look excited to be at school?
    • Are the customers treated like guests?
    • Can you see yourself fitting into the culture?

  • Pick a school with heart

    It feels great getting to invest in your future. It feels even better getting to invest in your education AND your community. Pick a school that has roots in the community.

    • Which local youth organizations do they support?
    • How does the school treat our military neighbors?
    • Are students encouraged to give back to the local community?
    • How are students encouraged to engage internationally?

At the end of the day, we know that you might not pick us. And that is okay. The Academy of Hair Design is not the right fit for everyone, and not everyone will be the right fit for the Academy. Your future career starts on your first day of school, not when you get that first job. Take your time, choose wisely, and we wish you the all the best as you begin this new journey!