The Anti-Aging Facial You Need To Try

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Glowing Skin is In!

Facials should always be part of your regular skincare routine, but as your skin ages and changes, they type of facial you need changes as well.

I found myself looking for the perfect combination of anti-aging and pore tightening properties in the form of a facial.

If you, like me, are looking for these benefits then search no more!

Flaxx-c is the product you need

A flaxx-c facial restores that firmness to even the saggiest of skin by compressing and tightening the tissues in your face. Not only does this tightening feel weirdly amazing, but the tightening action also reprograms and remodels your skin’s support system. This causes your skin’s nerve receptors to remember to stay lifted and tight.

Who knew a facial could be so smart?!

Esthetics student performing facial on young woman

What’s in it?

Formulated with flaxseed,  and rich in omega-3 fatty acids this formula helps strengthen skin. Anti-oxidants, vitamin C, and red rooibos tea extract work together to brighten and protect from damage. Nonfat dry milk and bromelain provide gentle exfoliation to make your skin smooth and supple.


As if the benefits weren’t enough to convince you that you need this facial, the procedure is an hour filled with relaxation and pampering. Your esthetician starts off with an initial cleanse followed by a skin analysis. Everyone’s skin is different, so our estheticians learn to work with a variety of skin types. After this evaluation, your esthetician chooses the toner, cleanser, and exfoliant that will compliment your unique skincare needs. Next, you’ll enjoy a relaxing face massage before the flaxx-c is applied.

After a few minutes, you’ll start to feel a satisfying tightening feeling. You can really experience that product soaking into your face and working its magic!

Final Thoughts

So, if you’re looking for the perfect anti-aging facial book an appointment with one of our skilled estheticians for a truly relaxing and transformative experience!

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