Academy Legends: Amee’ra Fuller

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Academy Legend Amee'ra

“Helping people love themselves inside and out.” 

The hope, the dream, and the vision behind Austin nonprofit, Hairapy. A mobile salon designed to provide therapeutic hair care services to those who have experienced physical, emotional, or mental health hardships.  A dream, 5 years in the making, coming soon to the streets of Austin. Founder, Amee’ra Fuller is turning her passion for others and her passion for hair into a reality. 

We had the opportunity to sit down with Amee’ra and can we just say, she is an absolute joy. The determination she has shown throughout this entire process, persevering through a pandemic to turn her dreams into a reality, is truly inspiring. We hope you enjoy her story as much as we do. 

Get to know Amee’ra

Amee’ra Fuller is a master social worker by day and a licensed cosmetologist by night. She is making a difference in the Austin Metro Area one life at a time. If you ask Amee’ra how she came up with this dream she can tell you about many situations that added to it. There wasn’t just one pivotal moment where she said, “this is what I want to do.” It was a gradual compilation of experiences she had working with the foster care system and her love for making others feel beautiful. 

How it all started for Amee’ra

In 2012 Amee’ra moved to Austin for college. While in college she worked for an after-school program where she mentored and supervised middle school students. I know, when you think of middle school you have flashbacks to blue eye shadow and the smell of ax body spray wafting through the hallways. Who would want to relive that on a daily basis? For Amee’ra this experience was eye-opening, she realized, unlike most people she LOVED middle school kids and everything that comes along with them. She found herself being the supportive older role model that these kids truly needed and helped them navigate the harsh realities of their lives. It was almost a culture shock for Amee’ra that kids this young were going through so much. This was the point where she knew she wanted to help the younger generation and make an impact on their young lives.

Amee’ra has a number of degrees. Including a bachelor’s in Human Development and Family Sciences, as well as a master’s in social work. If that wasn’t enough, she decided to go back to their first dream! Hair. She knew that she wanted more, she needed more.

 She looks back on one of her most memorable stories of working in the foster care system. They would take the girls from a group home once a month to get hygiene products.One of  her toughest girls, came to her one day and wanted to get products that were specific to her hair. So they went to the store, picked out HER products and soon you saw a new girl. She had gained the confidence that she was missing and with that, her demeanor and attitude started to change. It was amazing to see the confidence grow and the kind heart that was scarred by so much trauma change. 

It was not an easy road for Amee’ra

Amee’ra went into this not knowing anything about starting her own business – let alone a nonprofit – but she didn’t let that stop her. She decided to take it one step at a time. It all started with a simple Facebook post. Her post read, “Does anyone know what you need to start a nonprofit?”. vague, out there, and ready for the entire world to see. To her surprise, she got a comment, 

“I’ll help you, as long as you promise to go through with it.” was the response she got and so what later became Hairapy Moblie Salon started to grow. What was a long and tedious process with a lot of help along the way, is now finally coming to life. Her dream is becoming a reality. Amee’ra is hosting a ribbon-cutting on June 27th, where she will reveal her brand new mobile trailer with games, activities, and giveaways. We hope you join her, if not in person than with well wishes, as she launches this inspiring nonprofit. It just goes to show, you never know where your social media posts will get you!


Give her a follow and keep an eye out for her trailer around Austin!


Legend Amee'ra

 To learn more, sign-up for their newsletter, and easily donate, visit Hairapy’s website

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