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Looking for the best men’s haircut to change up your look? If you are ready for a new hairstyle but you aren’t sure where to start, there are a few things you will want to consider. Of these, your hair type and texture are important, as is the amount of maintenance and the products required to look your best every day. You should also consider your face shape, which can have a tremendous influence on how a specific haircut looks on you.

Here are the best men’s haircuts by face shape. From learning how to determine your head shape to choosing a good hairstyle according your face, these pro tips will help you find a cool new hairstyle.

Best Haircuts For Your Face Shape

To illustrate the best haircuts for your face shape, you’ll want to check out this awesome graphic created by MensHairstylesToday. Whether you have an oval, square, round, long, diamond or triangle head shape, there’s a trendy hairstyle for you.

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Finding Your Face Shape

Though it may seem as simple as looking in the mirror and picking a shape that resembles your face, determining your actual face shape in such a way that you can choose the best haircuts and styles is a little trickier.
To do it, it’s often easier to start with wet hair and brush everything straight back away from your face. You will want to pay very close attention to the length and width of individual facial features.
The most important things to note are the length of your face from hairline to chin, and the width of other features like your cheeks, jaw, chin, and forehead. Your face shape should fit into one of six different categories: round, oval, square, long, triangle, or diamond.

Haircuts For Round Faces

If you have a rounded face shape, your face lacks sharp angles at the jaw and the chin, so you will want to choose a haircut that adds (or creates the illusion of) edges. The best way to make your face look longer and more masculine involves choosing a cut that is longer and more voluminous on top, but still short on the sides.
You might opt for a high-volume slicked-back hairstyle, a hard part comb over, a textured quiff, spiky hair, or a pompadour fade.

Haircuts For Oval Faces

The oval face shape, also known as oblong, is one of the most common head shapes among men. The good news is that it is also one of the most versatile when it comes to choosing a stylish men’s haircut.
Oval faces are slightly longer than they are wide and may have a few softer angles at the chin and the jaw. You could choose just about any hair length, style, or cut that suits your personality and experiment freely.
Many men prefer a short quiff styled with a matte pomade for a textured, natural finish. Others prefer growing their hair out and rocking a comb over undercut or faux hawk fade. Guys even have the option of longer styles such as a man bun or shoulder-length hair.
The possibilities for men with an oval face shape are truly almost endless.

Haircuts For Square Faces

The square face shape is the quintessential face of masculinity. It’s marked by a wide jawline and forehead and a shorter chin. Your strong jawline is one of your best features, so the best haircut for a square face is one that accentuates it.
Undercuts are popular; shorter hair on the sides paired with longer hair on the top frames your eyes perfectly while balancing the strong jaw perfectly. Thick layered hairstyles can be great for guys with thick hair.
Similarly, short haircuts like the buzz cut, crew cut, French crop and fringe can work nicely. For longer styles, try a slicked back undercut, long comb over fade, and spiky hair. If your hair is on the thin or fine side, use wax that will thicken hair or matte products that give the appearance of a fuller hairstyle.

Haircuts For Long Faces

The long face shape can be described as an elongated oval. A high forehead or hairline paired with a long chin that comes to a point are the hallmarks of the long face shape. If you fit this profile, your hairstyle goals are relatively simple: choose a cut that does not make your face appear even longer than it is.
Anything with fringe can be beneficial; fringe hairstyles can help hide a high forehead to a degree and make your eyes appear more centered. Furthermore, short haircuts like a crew cut, buzz cut, short spiky hair, or gentleman’s side part can look good. Another excellent trick involves avoiding particularly long beards that come to a point below your chin. Instead, pair your hairstyle with a short full beard or thick stubble to create a more proportionate look.

Haircuts For Triangle Faces

There are two different types of triangular face shapes. If your forehead is wider than your jaw, this is the “inverted” triangle shape.
Your goal here should be downplaying the width of your forehead and choosing a cut that helps accentuate your jaw. For this, an angular fringe or comb over might do the trick.
If your jaw is wider than your forehead from temple to temple, you have a classic triangular face shape.
In this case, you will want to create the illusion of a wider temple area to balance the shape of your face, and the best way to do this is with a low fade or other tapered cut that is quite a bit longer on the top.

Haircuts For Diamond-Shaped Faces

The diamond-shaped face is very close to a standard long face shape, but it’s more angular with high prominent cheekbones and a chin that comes to a point. If you have this face shape, you should get a short layered haircut.
A fringe or textured crop is ideal. A long slick back that styles somewhat flat can work well, too. Some texturizing pomade will go a long way as far as adding some definition to your hair. Moreover, growing a full (but short) beard alongside these hairstyles can put more emphasis on your excellent bone structure.


As you can see, the best haircuts for men by face shape vary a great deal. Many of these cuts and styles share a common goal of balancing the shape of the face. Ultimately, it’s up to you to experiment with different types of hairstyles to find a popular look that looks good for you. Talk to your stylist for more advice about the right cut for you.

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