The Shower Your Hair Wants You To Take

Kyle RichardsonAustin, Hair, Springfield

If you’ve ever been to a salon, I’m sure you know the age old upkeep struggle. (If you haven’t, then what are you waiting for?! AOHD accepts walk-ins!) You remember that angst-filled fourth day since you left your appointment when you can hardly bring yourself to wash it out at home.. When you walk out the door after getting your hair styled, it just feels incredible. Suddenly it feels like maybe you should have a few paparazzi on your tail. “Could I be famous?” you wonder absently.

Now, that is absolutely how you should feel after a professional gives your hair a work over, but if you are like me, you’re wishing for a little more. You’re pining after a little red carpet in your own living room. I have good and bad news. You want the terrible truth first? Sure. The bad news is: you are probably washing your hair wrong. BUT WAIT… The good news is: you can totally up your scalp care game and between me and the educators here at Academy of Hair Design – we’ve got a few tips to freshen up your routine.

  1. Hit the Brakes                                                                                                                                                     Who doesn’t love a nice, deluxe shower to wind down from a long day? That’s a rhetorical question – we all know the answer is everyone needs a good shower session now and again. However, consider skipping that deep head scrub most of the time.
    The truth is that you should really only be washing your hair twice a week at the most.
    So, wind down but don’t lather up.
  2. Cool It Down
    Rinsing off your hair with cool or even cold water helps to close your cuticles and pores. That means it keeps your hair strong and healthy, but also helps add a nice shine to it. One small warning here if you’re looking to add volume to your hair, straight up cold water will calm your mane and keep a more relaxed look.
    So, while it may not be your favorite shower temp, consider temporarily adjusting for your hair’s sake.
  3. Don’t Wreck Your Roots
    Perhaps one of the more shocking things for me to learn about my misguided attempts at hair care is that you should not be applying your products, in the shower and otherwise, directly to your roots! Apply shampoo to the lengths of your hair before working up for peak product use and to avoid your hair retaining too much at the base.
  4. Trade Up Your Technique
    Take a little time to give yourself a scalp massage during your twice a week tune-up. Scalp massages can stimulate the hair’s follicles. They also aid in removing dead skin cells. Women’s Health suggests massaging your scalp from the front of the head. Start by rubbing at the temples in small circles and gradually move up to the top of your head.
  5. Pick Prime Products
    Finally, you absolutely cannot underestimate the importance of the actual products you are using on your head. Know what is in your products. It can come as a shock that in fact, many common brands use chemicals and fillers in their products. Paraffin wax is an example of such a filler and can deposit a thin layer of film over your hair causing it to feel sticky and just generally gross. Ask your cosmetologist or barber about the best hair products from brands they trust, such as Redken, and what could best meet your hair care needs!

No matter what differences separate all of our hair types, these tips and tricks are sure to help bring that freshness back to your everyday hair. Have any additional suggestions that aren’t covered here? Let us know what YOU do to keep feeling your best!

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