Student Spotlight – Sarah Statham

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We are happy to continue our Student Spotlight series and introduce you to Sarah Statham!

An Austin native, Sarah is one of the capital’s top stylists and a co-owner of Method.Hair Salon. With over 18 years of experience, she is the perfect example of a local professional taking advantage of our Barber Crossover program.

Sarah is inspired by the lack of limitations in the beauty industry. “There is a direct correlation between what you put in and what you get out of the industry, from the freedom to explore your own creativity to the satisfaction of a happy client,” said Sarah.

Sarah’s words show us that the beauty industry is not exempt from the old saying “you reap, what you sow”. Whatever a stylist is willing to pour into perfecting their craft and establishing their personal brand, then that’s exactly what they will receive for their efforts…and more even!

At Method.Hair, Sarah has helped assemble a devoted stylist-team and continues to refine her skills, but isn’t satisfied. She has some advice for potential beauty industry students: Devote yourself to your craft. It is important not to limit yourself. Strive for expertise in all aspects of the industry not just one or two components. If you work hard and never stop learning the sky’s the limit.

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If you’d like to visit Method.Hair, appointments can be made by calling 512-469-0044, or visiting directly at 1601 East 5th St.


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