Hair’s the Deal : March 2019

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Eyelash Extension Artist

Are you dreaming of summertime? So are we. When you hit March, these last few weeks of winter seem to drag on forever. If you’re anything like the rest of us, in this last month of winter your mind is drifting off towards warmer days.

Ready for a little liberation from that winter hibernation?

Academy of Hair Design has exactly the services you need to shape up for spring!

Of course, there is your basic brow shaping, a perfect addition to your self care routine for year round maintenance, but why not kick it up a notch?

Our esthetics department can in-tint-sify your look by adding a little more color to your eyebrows and eyelashes!

At just $6 for either service, these short procedures (30 minutes or less) will lessen your need for make up and help your natural beauty shine.

Not to mention, there is no product to run in the rain or sun! Swimming? Not a problem. April showers? Let’s see those May flowers.

P.S. Tints of all kinds are also an excellent add-on to whatever other service you may want. Ask your cosmetologist for a eyelash tint while adding a little color to your hair or tack on a eyebrow service to your spa facial. The pairing possibilities are endless…

We can’t wait to see you and help put a little spring in your step!





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