Cosmetologists and Barbers NEED This Skill

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Learning all of the latest techniques and skills are very important to succeeding in the exciting and creative field of hair design. Cosmetologists have to be outstanding in all aspects of hair cutting, styling, and coloring, while Barbers treat their customers in areas such as shaving, clipper use, and cutting hair. To be a truly successful as a Cosmetologist or Barber, you also have to sharpen your skills as a salesperson.

Why Sales?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012 nearly half of the barbers, hairdressers and cosmetologists were self-employed. So if you ever aspire to own your own salon, you will be a part of that self-employed group. As a salon owner, the ability to successfully promote your brand will make you stand out among your peers. You have to know how to promote your skills, product offerings, and affiliations to attract new clients. Competition will always be fierce.

However, even if you do not plan on owning your own business, it’s still important to be sales savvy. Up selling, product recommends, and even scheduling return appointments can help make sure that your customer has the best experience possible at your chair.

Maybe you find the idea of sales unattractive. Generally, the phrase “sleazy car salesman” comes to phrase along with sales. However, the best salespeople do not think in terms of “sales,” but rather, they are constantly trying to improve their client’s experience. Just being focused on your client’s needs and overall satisfaction will work wonders! Rather than selling a generic product, tailor your recommendations by client. Make sure they are aware of all the services and products that would not only interest them, but best benefit them as well. When a client feels like their stylist genuinely cares, you are more likely to gain their loyalty. And loyalty is key for all stylists.

Overall, you shouldn’t let your education stop at design and shearing skills. Think of your career as a business, and having the right sales skills will not only help you, but your clients as well.

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