Boosting Mental Health Through Your Hairstyle

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The average woman changes her hair nearly 150 times throughout her entire life for many different reasons, including health and lifestyle choices. What most people fail to understand is that your hairstyle can greatly affect your mood. Which can also determine what type of hairstyle you choose. While there are many talented hairstylists across the country, it can be quite difficult to fix a hairstyle that has been constructed due to a distressed mood or bad mental health day. So, consider these facts before taking the shears to your hair while you are in a bad mood. It’s smart to consider what a glorious hairstyle can do to improve your mental wellbeing.

Why it Matters

Every image you come across has the potential to affect your mood, including and especially the image of yourself. How you view yourself inside and out will help you pave the road to self-improvement and acceptance. Coincidentally, your hairstyle is one of the many factors that can change the way you feel about yourself. If you are attempting to create a high level of self-acceptance and self-love, but feel bad about the way you look, a new hairstyle change may be a great option to consider. Once you begin to feel comfortable in your skin (and your hair), you will gain the approval of yourself no matter how you feel. A fresh new hairstyle can always boost your self-confidence, as long as it’s done professionally to prevent any damage.

A New Look on Life

Taking a look back, there are many celebrities and well-known people that have changed their hairstyles drastically due to life changes and unfortunate circumstances, including their mental health. This goes to show that an individual’s mood can and will affect their hairstyle and vice versa. However, recent studies show that happiness isn’t just an emotion. It’s an overall sense of the way you distinguish yourself and the world around you. Happiness is vital to the way you perceive your own image. It can be glorified and accepted based on the way you feel about your looks or hairstyle. There are many hairstyles that you can subtly try without making too big of a change and risking your perception of yourself, such as a color change that can be converted back easily.

Becoming Your Best You

Considering the amount of influence that your hair has on your mental wellbeing and the way you perceive yourself, it’s important to make sure that you never make drastic changes during an emotional time in your life. When your emotions settle, you may be suffering the loss of more than just your emotional wellbeing. The next time you consider chopping off your hair or making a radical change, it may be a better idea to try another mood-boosting method such as getting a pet or trying a new healthy diet. However, if you are feeling low and depressed about the way you look, take a trip to a reputable salon and have your hair professionally managed to create a new version of yourself, and boost your mental wellbeing in the process.

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