Academy Legends: The Bracamontez Brothers

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Get to Know Dante and Brock Bracamontez!

Get to Know Dante and Steven “Brock” Bracamontez!

We had the privilege of interviewing the dynamic barbering duo Dante and Steven “Brock” Bracamontez. These two are not only brothers but are both Alumni of BeVelle Barber school. In the world of barbering, these brothers are making a name for themselves while sticking to their roots and carrying out the family business.

We had the chance to sit down with Dante and Brock to hear about their experience with graduating and building a business in the barber industry during the Covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 created unique challenges, but through their creativity and resilience, they were able to overcome those challenges.

The Bracamontez Brothers

Where The Brother’s Love For Barbering Started:

It’s no surprise that Dante and Brock chose the career of barbering. Dante and Brock grew up watching their mother build her business in the Cosmetology industry from the ground up with the support of their father. The salon was like a second home for Dante and Brock. They knew barbing would somehow be part of their destiny. Little did they know, over two decades later, they would be working alongside their mother and sister in an edgy-on-trend salon in Georgetown, TX.

The first brother to attend BeVelle Barber school was the younger wildly talented artist Dante. Dante’s success in the program led Brock to become interested in the school. Brock, an extremely talented musician, soon followed behind his younger brother in his commitment to the program. Their creative minds led them to thrive in their studies and the salon floor.

Their achievement in school continued and their dream of barbering success was in grasp until the pandemic hit. Like many people, everything seemed to stop and no one knew for how long. This was an especially difficult time for Brock who was expecting to be a BeVelle Barber graduate like his brother Dante when the pandemic took ahold of the nation. It was a challenge for Brock to navigate this unexpected roadblock and like most when COVID-19 hit, he was nervous. However, he graduated with flying colors and can say he overcame COVID-19 and was one step closer to making his dreams come true!

Life Since COVID-19 hit:

For many of us the year 2020 was not the year we thought it would be. These brothers did not let it stop them from following the dream that they have always had. For Brock, COVID-19 hit at a very inconvenient time. He was just shy of the 40-hour mark until graduation when Austin was shutdown. Dante faced his own challenges when Austin was shut down, he just started to establish a clientele and make his mark in the Austin Barber industry.

Although the shutdown was not ideal, it gave the brothers time to sit down and think about what they wanted for their shop. It allowed Dante and Brock time to build their shop from the ground up in the back of their family salon. It was a time of reflection and deciding exactly how they wanted to brand their name. In a way, COVID-19 helped form the shop they have today.

“It gave us life skills that we may not have had otherwise. Sometimes life deals you a bad hand, how are you going to turn it into a flush?”- Brock

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What it’s like working with their family:

Working with my brother is a wild experience in itself, but it has also been easy. There is a 10 year age difference between the brothers, but speaking with Brock, he said it doesn’t feel that way. He says that since they were young, Dante had a maturity that makes you forget the age difference. Working with the Bracamontez family is a very nourishing business environment and has endless growth potential.

“Being able to start a business with my brother is extraordinary in itself.”- Brock, Elder Brother

Four total family members work at the salon, Their mom, the founder, and the owner. Their sister, a cosmetologist- co-owner, has been cutting hair since 2008. Dante and Brock adding to the family business.

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The brothers still play an active role with the BeVelle Barber School. They are scheduled to speak to our students and we are thrilled to see what they are up to now!

The sky is only the start for these two and we are so excited to be apart of their Journey. For more information on their Shop visit the social media links below!

The Barber Brothers

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Watch their Facebook and Instagram for new merch coming soon! Get out there and help support your small business.

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