Academy Legends: Ashlee Holley

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Get To Know Ashlee

 At the Academy of Hair Design, we want to celebrate the amazing students who enter our doors. We have some of the best talent and every day we are truly amazed by their stories. You see, we have students from all sorts of backgrounds looking for their next right step, whether this is their first career choice or their fifth. Our goal is to be a place where they can thrive and provide the tools they need to be successful in the beauty and barbering industry. We had a chance to sit down with Alumni and Boss Babe Ashlee Holley to talk about why she chose cosmetology and what she has been up to since graduating from the Academy.  

A little bit about Ashlee

When you talk about taking a leap of faith, Ashlee’s story comes to mind. Cosmetology was not Ashlee’s first career choice. Ashlee spent nine years in the public school system teaching special education to students in the Austin area. With a master’s degree in education and an established career, she decided that although she loved the students, something was missing. She wanted a change and an outlet to express her creativity. This change was a scary one but it made sense for her and her family!

The timing seemed right for me and I had family support, so I went for it.”- Ashlee Holley

According to Ashlee, having this educational background has been a big factor in propelling her career. Having that level of communication training has allowed her supervisors to have confidence in her from the beginning.


Ashlee’s time at the Academy

As far as school goes, starting was nothing new for Ashlee. She had been in school since she was five years old. Whether as a student or a teacher. School has been something that has always been a part of her life. The Academy of Hair Design was just another step in furthering her education.

Her favorite activity that she participated in during her time at the Academy was the blowdry Bootcamp. When she started her apprenticeship it was extremely beneficial. The fundamentals are so important for your success in the industry. At the Academy, Ashlee thrived in color and realized that this is what the entire change was for. She said at first starting school as a nontraditional student was different, but by the end of the program, she made friends that she’s still in contact with today!

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