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Recently, we caught up with Savannah, one of our alumni Academy Legends! We talked about life before and after the Academy, her experience with our school, and her goals for the future. We are so excited to share this incredible girl’s story with you.

Savannah graduated in July of 2018, and since then she has created quite a name for herself at Inviktus Salon. To prepare for her future, Savannah secured a job with Inviktus as a part-time receptionist before she graduated. This gave her the opportunity to get to know her coworkers and learn the ins and outs of her future salon home. Working in a salon even before graduation gave Savannah some incredible experience.

After graduation, Savannah received a position as a stylist at Inviktus. It didn’t take her long to move up the ranks and meet goal after goal set by the salon. Savannah says it best, “My life really did change once I became a cosmetologist. I was fulfilling a life-long dream of mine by going into the beauty industry.”

After just two years in the industry, Savannah has accomplished many things both in her personal and professional life. Before becoming a cosmetologist, Savannah always had to work two jobs in order to make a living. Now, with just her position at Inviktus, Savannah has been able to buy her first home, purchase a vehicle, and enjoy a stable career with the possibility of unlimited growth.

“A lot of people don’t think we will make it in this industry, but with hard work and goal setting you will!”

Before she started with the Academy, Savannah wasn’t sure what her future held. In this phase of her life, she had many options when it came to picking her career. While she knew from a young age that she loved hair and makeup and wanted to make people feel beautiful, Savannah also had an interest in the medical field. That’s why she chose to attend OTC where she earned an Associate of Arts with an emphasis in Biological Clinic Science. This was such a great accomplishment for Savannah, but she found herself wanting more out of her career. That’s when she decided to really go for it and pursue a career she was passionate about.

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“I would watch YouTube videos about hair and makeup and take notes on what they were doing as a teenager.”

Savannah chose to attend the Academy of Hair Design’s cosmetology program to help her achieve her dreams. Choosing a school is a huge decision and Savannah knew that. That’s why she toured all of the local cosmetology schools before deciding which school would be the best fit for her. “Not everyone will fit into the same school, so it is a good idea to see which environment you prefer,” says Savannah.

She chose the Academy because she loved the welcoming and friendly students and staff. The wide variety of education taught in the cosmetology program also influenced her decision. Students don’t just learn hair, they have the opportunity to learn skincare, eyelash extensions, waxing, and nail services. Another reason Savannah chose the Academy was our yearly Fashion Show. She loved the idea of getting to let her creativity soar and explore her artsy side. This event is also an incredible opportunity for students to network with local stylists, barbers, and our legendary alumni.

“I chose to attend The Academy because I loved the family-like atmosphere!”

The Academy’s Business Realities program was instrumental to Savannah’s successful career. This program prepares our students to work in a real-world salon. Hands-on training such as learning to mix color and taking clients in our student salon gave her the technical experience she needed. Classes from national Redken educators, learning to sell retail, and working the front desk gave Savannah a leg up over stylists at her level.

If she could go back in time to before she started, Savannah would tell herself to really have fun in school and soak up all the education and opportunities you can! During her time at Academy, Savannah had to balance school, working multiple jobs, her family, a social life, and taking care of herself. Time management became even more important than before. While it isn’t easy to balance, achieving a goal you’ve worked so hard for makes everything worth it.

Today, Savannah is thriving in her salon home. She loves giving her clients Bob Haircuts and blonding services. Savannah considers herself a bit of a blonde expert which you can clearly see from her incredible work! Savannah is always investing in continued education and growing in her industry. She knows the importance of staying educated and up to date on trends. When she looks to her future, Savannah sees nothing but possibility. She would love to share what she’s learned one day through education. There is nothing greater than inspiring young professionals to follow their dreams and do something they love.

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“What you put into your career is what you will get out of it.”

Anyone who is interested in a career in the beauty and barbering industry should job shadow and talk to different professionals in the field. “It is truly a fun and rewarding career to be a part of because you get the chance to make people feel beautiful and to be creative,” Savannah says. However, you also have to know that it is hard work and success won’t come easy! You do have to work for it and have that passion. Savannah toured academy 3 times, talked to several stylists, and watched tons of YouTube videos before she decided on this path. We are so proud to call Savannah one of our alumni Academy Legends!

If you want to book an appointment with Savannah at Inviktus, give them a call at 417.732.2700 or visit their Facebook page to book online. You can also check out Savannah’s work on Instagram @savvy_invktus and Facebook at Savvy Styles.

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