5 Things I Wish I’d Known on my First Day of Cosmetology School

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Imagine this: It’s your first day at cosmetology school. You’re nervous, you’re excited and you’re suddenly wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into. Take a deep breath. It’s going to be okay!

The first day of anything can be scary. First day at a new job, first day as a parent, and yes, even the first day of beauty school. Even though starting beauty school is an exciting transition phase, it can be a nerve-wracking one at first! Don’t worry, though. We’ve teamed up with one of our fantastic teachers, Michelle Trzaskalski, to get her list of the top 5 things she wishes she had known on her first day of beauty school:

  1. Don’t be absent! – There is a whole new world to learn while you’re in beauty school – every day is packed with knowledge. If you miss a day, you fall way behind the rest of the students and, because of all the amazing things you’re learning the day you return to class, it’s really hard to catch back up.

  2. Perms and relaxers matter, they really do. – It’s important to know every single step behind every treatment that you learn while in school. Even if it seems irrelevant to you, these chemical treatments definitely matter.

  3. Learn everything or at least try. – Take advantage of every lecture and class. Even if you have no interest in facials and manicures, put in the effort to learn it. You never know where your hidden talents may lie.

  4. The money to be made in this industry is endless. – This is an industry of growth and opportunity. You have the opportunity to be your own boss, and make your own schedule. Even better, you have the opportunity to make an incredible amount of money. However, in this industry, you will get whatever you put in.

  5. Keep up on continuing education as you never stop learning. After 14 years behind the chair, I am still learning! – We are so lucky to be living in a beauty world that is ever-changing. Stay on top of the trends and techniques by attending continual education seminars as often as possible. Never be satisfied with the knowledge that you already have.

Beyond her top 5, Michelle also shared one lesson that applies beyond school: “One of the greatest lessons I learned was always take the opportunity to help in anyway. Doing hair for a charity or event not only brings happiness, but helping someone in need is priceless.” We agree, Michelle. Any chance to learn is a good one and if you’re helping others in the process, then it makes that opportunity even sweeter.

The only way to learn anything is to practice as much as you can. If you think you can’t do it, keep trying! It just takes time and patience. “I would put my mannequin on my bathroom counter and practice partings, updos, braiding, etc. It helps.” You can even try new styles and techniques you learn on your friends and family. (Though we recommend waiting to start cutting and coloring until after you’re confident doing it on a mannequin first!)

In no time, you’ll look back fondly on your first day of beauty school and see just how far you’ve come! Soon, you’ll graduate and be on your way to working at an amazing salon and making your clients feel like superstars!

Are you ready to make a career change and sign up for your first day of beauty school? Check out our degree plans, save your spot, and we’ll help you get on your way at Ron King Academy. We’ll see YOU behind the chair!

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