10 Reasons You Should Shop Early

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Hair’s the Deal: November 2018

For this month’s Hair’s the Deal, we want to be your holiday shopping accountability buddy. We know it is easy to slip into the yearly, I have plenty of time mindset.
Don’t fall into this trap!

Let this be the year that you set aside the stress-inducing, last-minute frenzy.  Instead, grab a latte and casually peruse the aisle with the warm glow that you are sure to get when you picture yourself relaxing on the couch (while your friends who don’t have accountability buddies rummage through picked over products.)

We know change is hard, so here is our list of the top-10 reasons to shop early.

  1. Less stress.
    Okay, so we started with the obvious. But really, stress is bad for your health and sucks the joy out of gift-giving.
  2. Save money.
    Stores are eager to get you through the doors early and that means Big Savings.
  3. Don’t worry about shipping.
    As one who has been on the receiving end of a gift delivered three days late, I can attest to the frustration of delayed shipping. Shop early and relax knowing you will *probably* get your items on time. Or, enjoy the instant gratification of leaving with bags in hand.
  4. Gift idea dibs.
    Know that moment when someone thinks of an idea and you wished you thought of it first? This year, take your giving to a 10 and chime in with, “I actually picked that up last week!” Gift idea dibs secured.
  5. Be thoughtful.
    This one stands on its own, but just in case you need a reminder…
    Be thoughtful because the special people in your life deserve to know that you took the time and energy to think about their needs or wants.
  6. Best selection.
    Buying early means you get to pick the perfect item instead of choosing between a couple okay items (or buying whatever is left and then convincing the receiver that they should like it. (Yeah, I got you socks because I remember that time you said your feet were really cold. I really thought that was a bonding moment for us…)
  7. Spread out the cost.
    Most of you reading this blog are paid bi-weekly. That means you have three (maybe 4) paychecks before the largest gift-giving day of the year. Shopping early means you can spread the giving and reduce the financial stress that comes with spending a lot all at once.
  8. More holiday spirit.
    Nostalgic music, energizing atmospheres, and beautiful packages decorating the house. Shopping early helps puts you in touch with that special feeling the holidays bring.
  9. Take time on the details.
    Shopping early means you can take time to think of the little touches that give a gift flair. Present someone with a beautifully wrapped (or bagged if you are like me and have zero wrapping skills) gift they know they can’t open for a few weeks and you are giving them a second gift: Anticipation!
  10. Enjoy the experience.
    You give yourself a gift when you make the most out of the little moments. Be kind to yourself (and others) and ignore the impulse to cheapen the experience by panic ordering socks the day before.


So now that you are motivated to make the most of this holiday season, get out there and find that thoughtful gift and spread some love!

And if you need a little help finding the right gift, no worries! Let our educated staff and students help you get a holiday headstart. Beneficial gifts are always in style!

(P.S. Gift cards make great stocking stuffers and white-elephant gifts! Check out our salon and spa service page for more information!)
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