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Outline of Barber Program

As the only accredited barber school in Austin, able to offer Financial Aid through the US Department of Education, the Academy of Hair Design stands alone in delivering the top barber education in the city.   The Academy’s barber curriculum combines new with tried-and-true techniques that set students up for success.  Students leave the school with confidence in their ability, and a true passion for the industry.  It is common for students to say that the Academy feels like home and they don’t want to leave.  The culture at the Academy of Hair Design is positive and encouraging to students who are starting a new season in their life.

Barber courses include:


Salon Realities

Salon Realities is our very own, unique program. It teaches students how to be successful by simulating real-life situations they may encounter while working in a barbershop.  The school is divided into teams that compete against each other on a weekly basis.  Leadership positions on each team include:

Owner/Shop Manager (Academy Educator)

Student Shop Co-Managers (Academy students)

Student Council Member (Academy students)

These roles will allow students to:


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Barber students can honor in and receive official certifications in seven different fields with our Honors program, including:

Upon completing the criteria for an honors program, students will receive a certificate that they may include in their future portfolio.

Portfolio Building

Seniors in the barber program will create portfolios of their work. While interviewing with potential employers, a portfolio will come into play to showcase a candidate’s skills, talents, accomplishments, and reputation as a barber.

Licensing Detail

Our barber program includes 1,500 hours of hands-on coursework and theory to provide students with a well-rounded education and prepare them for the state-licensing exam. Discover more about the various licenses offered by the Academy of Hair Design.